Haptic Glove 2.0


Hey! I finally decided to revive the haptic glove project, and you are more than welcome to come aboard to the development journey!

Useful links:

> Status on 02.12.2020 <

The current design has two pressuresensor per finger (except for the thumb, I still need to figure out the best way to do that).

There are currently two different sized designs, called T8 and T8M. Both are almost the same, except the T8M is just a lot shorter. The dimensions don't need to be super accurate, just make sure that the aluminium plates or the wires aren't shorting both of the sides together.

The sensors consist of these materials:

  • 22 AWG wire stripped from the insulation and spun to keep the threads under control
  • Velostat
  • Aluminium foil to even out the contact to the Velostat sheet
  • 25 mm wide maskin tape to keep everything together

> How to make the T8 sensor

> Status on 16.12.2020 <

So I finally got around and made the devlog #2. Well I released it yesterday but I had no time to update my blog.  So what I did was that I added the rest of the sensors to the glove, fixed the firmware and made a simple Unity demo to play around with the glove.

After that I decided to try to work on the tracking. I made a simple demo with opencv (I used a wrapper for python), and it seems to be pretty decent. I just have no idea on how to get a proper all around tracking, and how to get it working with the existing tracking. Hopefully I'll figure something out.

Note about the T8 sensors: It seems that using too wide sensors causes a ton of problems, especially when using a stiff glove, because when you bend one finger the other sensors are affected too. The workaround for this would bee to use smaller sensors, and use a more flexible material for the glove.